About the MyDataHelpsKit iOS SDK

The MyDataHelpsKit iOS SDK allows you to develop custom participant experiences in your own iOS app.

Getting Started

See the Getting Started guide for installation instructions and first steps to using MyDataHelpsKit.


MyDataHelpsKit makes a variety of operations available to your app. The SDK provides general-purpose access to data and functionality while your app implements the user interface.

  • Surveys - Access assigned survey tasks and their responses. Past survey answers can be used to tailor content in your app.
  • Participant Info - Enrich your app with participant demographics, and access project-specific custom field data.
  • Project Settings - Retrieve project configuration information.
  • Device Data - Retrieve data recorded by mobile devices, wearable devices and other systems.
  • External Accounts - Search and filter external account providers, and manage a participant’s connected external accounts.
  • Notifications - Retrieve a record of which notifications have been sent to a participant.

Embedding MyDataHelps User Experiences in Your App

For these features, MyDataHelpsKit provides a partial or complete UI solution that integrates directly into your iOS app.

  • Presenting Surveys - MyDataHelpsKit can present a MyDataHelps survey for the participant to complete. SurveyViewController implements the complete user experience for a survey, including step navigation, sending results to MyDataHelps, and managing any assigned tasks associated with the survey.
  • External Account Connections - Participants can securely establish connections to providers from within your app, using MyDataHelpsKit to facilitate the connection process. Your app presents the authorization flow in a modal Safari view, while MyDataHelps handles authentication, authorization, and data transfer details.