About the MyDataHelps REST API

The MyDataHelps Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to access your project’s data from custom applications outside of MyDataHelps and MyDataHelps.

Using the MyDataHelps API, you can manage your participants, trigger actions for participant segments, manage survey tasks, and more.

Here are just a few examples of what you can accomplish with the MyDataHelps API:

  • Invite a participant to join a MyDataHelps project from within your patient management system.
  • Randomly assign participants to cohorts when they join a project.
  • Assign a survey task when an appointment is created in your scheduling application.

Getting Started

This tutorial will help you get started using the MyDataHelps API. Here are the basic topics:

  1. Your app will access the API through a service account.
  2. Review the API Basics to understand how to make API calls.
  3. Rather than a username/password, the service account is authenticated using public key authentication. This process gives you a token that identifies your app and grants it permission to use the API.
  4. Get your feet wet with one of our quickstart apps and see the API in action.
  5. Explore the resources to learn more about the specific APIs, such as Participants and Survey Tasks.