About the MyDataHelps.js SDK

The MyDataHelps JavaScript SDK enables you to develop rich and interactive experiences for your participants.

Get started by downloading and referencing MyDataHelps.js in your application. To get the most out of the SDK, familiarize yourself with the data conventions used in MyDataHelps.

Once you have the SDK, there are a variety of operations available to your application:

  • Surveys - Start a new survey and access assigned survey tasks and their responses. Past survey answers can be used to tailor content in your application.
  • Navigation - Tools to control what tab, page or application a participant is viewing.
  • Events - Your application can be notified when certain actions occur.
  • Participant Info - Enrich your application with participant demographics, and access project-specific custom field data.
  • Project Settings - Retrieve project configuration information.
  • Device Data - Retrieve data recorded by mobile devices, wearable devices and other systems.
  • External Accounts - Enabling the participant to connect external accounts to MyDataHelps via OAuth, and manage existing connections.
  • Notifications - Retrieve a record of which notifications have been sent to a participant.
  • Miscellaneous - Additional data and device-specific tools.