SDK Reference v2.0.0 / ExternalAccountAuthorization


struct ExternalAccountAuthorization

Information for presenting a provider connection authorization UI to the participant.

For detailed usage info, see documentation for ParticipantSession.connectExternalAccount.

let providerID: ExternalAccountProvider.ID

The ID of the provider to connect.

let authorizationURL: URL

To begin the provider connection flow, your app must present an SFSafariViewController configured with this URL so that the participant can authorize the connection with the provider.

This is a unique URL specific to the participant; it provides a temporary authenticated session for use in the browser.

let finalRedirectURL: URL

The URL specified in ParticipantSession.connectExternalAccount to indicate completion of the provider connection flow. When your app receives an incoming URL (via Universal Links or a custom scheme) that matches finalRedirectURL, the provider connection is complete and you can dismiss the SFSafariViewController.