SDK Reference v2.0.0 / ExternalAccountProvider


struct ExternalAccountProvider : Identifiable, Decodable

An external account provider supported by MyDataHelps.

Use ParticipantSession.connectExternalAccount to initiate a connected account between the participant and this provider.

typealias MyDataHelpsKit.ExternalAccountProvider.ID = ScopedIdentifier<ExternalAccountProvider, Int>

Assigned identifier for an ExternalAccountProvider.

let id: ID

Assigned identifier for this external account provider.

let name: String

Name of the external account provider.

let category: ExternalAccountProviderCategory

Type of account provider.

let logoURL: URL?

Full URL from which the logo can be retrieved, if one is available for the provider.

This URL returns image data, e.g. image/png, suitable for decoding directly into a UIImage object and presenting in image views. It is a public URL with no authentication required. Image dimensions may vary, so it is recommended to display these images with aspect-fit scaling.