Schedule Triggered Webhook

The “Schedule Triggered” webhook can be activated by schedules when their trigger conditions are met. For example:

  • When a participant enrolls, enters a segment, or meets certain criteria.
  • Based on participant events, such as two weeks after a surgery date.
  • On a specific calendar day or cadence, such as every week.

You may create multiple “Schedule Triggered” webhooks and trigger them from different schedules.

See the user guide article on Schedules for more information about setting up a schedule.

Event Data

The following data will be included as a JSON payload in the POST request when the webhook is triggered.

EventType string

Identifies the event type. In this case, ScheduleTriggered.


The project identifier.

ParticipantID guid

Internal participant ID.

ParticipantIdentifier string

Project-specific participant identifier.

ScheduleID guid

Identifier for the schedule the event is associated with.

ScheduleName guid

Name for the schedule the event is associated with.

Sample Webhook Data
  "EventType": "ScheduleTriggered",
  "PatientIdentifier": "MDH-2096-3595",
  "ParticipantIdentifier": "MDH-2096-3595",
  "ParticipantID": "8949059a-c45d-41a9-832a-67b6a2eeec4f",
  "ScheduleID": "",
  "ScheduleName": "Force webhook",
  "ProjectID": "66af78b7-d48c-4cb0-9c19-2031b82295a6"
{ "EventType": "ScheduleTriggered", "PatientIdentifier": "MDH-2096-3595", "ParticipantIdentifier": "MDH-2096-3595", "ParticipantID": "8949059a-c45d-41a9-832a-67b6a2eeec4f", "ScheduleID": "", "ScheduleName": "Force webhook", "ProjectID": "66af78b7-d48c-4cb0-9c19-2031b82295a6" }