Rate Limits

The MyDataHelps REST API has a rate limiting feature to preserve stability for all customers. Users who send too many API requests within a short timeframe will receive a 429: Too Many Requests error.

Limits and Scopes

API rate limits are tracked hourly. The limits vary by scope, which is the way that you’re using the API:

  • Administrative Scope: Requests from a service account (using a service token) made directly to the REST API.
  • Delegated Scope: Requests on behalf of a specific participant (using a participant token) made through a MyDataHelps SDK.

Each scope tracks usage toward the rate limit independently. For example, an unlicensed project may have a rate limit of 1000 administrative requests through the REST API and a rate limit of 500 of delegated requests for each participant through a MyDataHelps SDK.

Response Headers

The following standard response headers are included in every API response to help you measure your API limits and usage:

  • RateLimit-Limit: Number of requests allowed per hour (total) for this scope.
  • RateLimit-Remaining: Number of requests remaining this hour for this scope.
  • RateLimit-Reset: Number of seconds remaining until your rate limit resets.