Release Notes

Keep up to date with recent changes to the APIs, SDKs, and documentation.


  • New SDK version 3.8.0 added, including iOS 17 support.
  • The MyDataHelps View Builder now makes it even easier to create a custom view.
  • New properties, isMainSleep and logType now exist in the Fitbit sleep log in the REST API and SDK. These fields will only be populated in newly polled data.
  • When querying the Participant API for a specific segment, the query now returns the date when each participant was added to the segment.
  • The Survey API and SDK now return the survey category when querying tasks.

Deprecation Notice: Secondary Identifier

The participant secondaryIdentifier field is being deprecated as a first-class identifier within MyDataHelps. Any existing secondary identifiers will be migrated to a custom field named SecondaryIdentifier. For backwards compatibility, the API/SDK secondaryIdentifier will just be an alias for that custom field.




  • New Java quickstart app for the REST API.
  • Javascript SDK getParticipantInfoFields now returns a projectID.
  • Javascript SDK methods now specify whether they are supported in Embeddables in addition to Views.